A message from the webmaster

If you find yourself accessing this little page, you’re probably here for a reason. You want to know just who Carolyn Waldron-Parr is– or thinks she isYou want to know what she has done and what she can do, and you want to figure it out quickly so you can get back to your own life.

Well, I can save you a few minutes by just telling you that you should hire her. Hire Carolyn in general– or specifically for that matter. Carolyn is a video producer, videographer, editor, and creative writer. She has been known to organize, improvise, and simply surprise wherever she may wander.

If this information isn’t compelling enough for you to pick up the phone and ask for Carolyn’s salary requirements, then hopefully the additional contents of this site can put you on the road to enlightenment.

Good luck in your search, and thanks for visiting CarolynWaldronParr.com!


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